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We have provided the debates involving the candidates for sheriff in the general election, which will take place on Tuesday, November 8th.  The debate questions have been split into separate videos for your viewing ease.  The content has not been edited; the whole video is also attached for reference.

List of candidates as they will appear on the ballot: 
Brian Kozak (Republican)
Jess Fresquez (Democrat) *
Jeff Barnes (Independant)

* Candidate Fresquez has not taken part in any of the debates; however, he provided the below statement: 

League of Women Voters Debate
October 4, 2022

Statement from Candidate Fresquez
Drug Court
Priority Issues
Asset Forfeiture
Domestic Violence
Training Needs
First thing to change
Drug Use in Laramie County
Mental Illness
Property Crime
Why Vote for Me
Entire Video

Conservative Corner Debate
June 13, 2022
Video edited to remove candidates not in the general election

Do You Support Safe Harbor, Child Justice Center
Working with federal law enforcement
Critical Supply Chain
Volunteer/reserve program
County Commissioner forced vaccine of employees
Entire Video
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