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Many law enforcement agencies fail because their leaders forget their mission and place politics before public safety. Therefore, we will create a culture that puts the people of Laramie County and our first responders before politics. As a community, we will improve the below issues and the culture within the sheriff’s office by focusing on these three (3) goals:

1.  Reconnect with residents and businesses to fight crime

Implement community outreach programs and form task forces to go after criminals to lower record high crime

2.  Invest in the Employees

Implement professional leadership while focusing on employee development, retention and recruitment

3.  Restructure jail operations to lower recidivism

Implement drug addiction treatment programming and negotiate a contract to house federal inmates in the new jail pod; invest extra revenue into the employees

Click button to view the transitional action plan Brian will use during the first six months he is in office.

Sheriff's Office Culture and Staffing Shortage
As of June of 2022, 50 Laramie County Sheriff’s Office employees have walked off the job.  A 2022 employee survey revealed 62% of employees are looking for another job, and 73% say morale is poor.  This Lego Sheriff knows the key to creating a positive culture is to promote a value system linked to the mission, which involves employees in developing the direction of the agency.  Brian Kozak did this at the Cheyenne Police Department, where a climate survey showed 100% of employees agreed the agency was heading in the right direction and had a positive culture.  He will help the Sheriff’s Office to rediscover their mission so it can recruit and retain employees.
Fight Record High Crime and Drug Addiction
In the City of Cheyenne, Auto theft has increased 90% and burglary 62%. The revolving jail door is spinning out of control because the root cause of crime, drug addiction, is not being dealt with.  Brian Kozak will implement drug addiction assessments and treatment in the jail with the goal to reduce recidivism by 50% within four years. 
Methamphetamine & Fentanyl Enforcement
Methamphetamine and Fentanyl is being pushed into our neighborhoods and causing people to become addicted.  Brian Kozak will assign deputies to the DEA to go after these criminals with zero tolerance enforcement. 

We will implement drug treatment programs to assist those who are in jail and want help with addiction.
Graffiti Abatement & Inmate Labor
Brain Kozak will implement inmate work details to complete work in our community, such as graffiti cleanup, while helping inmates to gain pride in helping our  neighbors.

Brian will also implement a work release program so low risk inmates do not lose their job while serving time in the jail.  
Jail will remain OPEN for Criminals
The Laramie County Jail was the only jail to close to property and drug offenders for 17 months due to COVID policies; this contributed to the increased auto theft and burglary rates in 2021.  Brian Kozak will always Keep the jail open for criminals.
Lawmen, such as Wyatt Earp, will be able to use our jail
Wyatt Earp was the most famous U.S. Marshall who helped to tame the West.  However, if Marshall Earp were here today, he would not be allowed to book a desperado into our jail; He would have to ride all the way to Scottsbluff.  Brian Kozak will negotiate a contract with the U.S. Marshall’s Service to allow federal law enforcement, to include the VA Medical Center Police, to use our jail and house inmates for the federal courts in Cheyenne.  The $2-3 million revenue would be used to invest in employees by bring their salary to market value, funding training and to hire additional deputies for the rural areas. 
Preventing Sexual Harassment & Rape
Laramie County has been plagued with employee sexual harassment and the jail is not compliant with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).  Brian Kozak will ensure our inmates and staff are protected from sexual harassment.  Becoming PREA complaint will open many grant opportunities for detention services.
Community Engagement
As police chief, Brian Kozak launched several community outreach programs such as, Neighborhood Night Out, citizen police academy, citizen advisory committee, and volunteer programs.  Brian will incorporate these programs into the Sheriff’s Office to help the agency reconnect with citizens.  We will reintroduce a reserve deputy, youth cadet and rural deputy programs back into the agency.   Additionally, Brian will meet with our mayors and town/city councils on a quarterly basis.  

We can fix this together!

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