Jail Covid Policy has contributed to Laramie County becoming a sanctuary for criminals.

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Jail Covid Policy has contributed to Laramie County becoming a sanctuary for criminals with crime more than doubling

Cheyenne, WY - Brian Kozak, candidate for sheriff, released the attached felony property crime statistics for the City of Cheyenne, which reveal a 112% overall increase in felony property crime for January-August of 2021 as compared to the same period in 2020 and 2019.

Burglary increased 86%

Theft of parts from vehicles increased 163%

Vehicle theft increased 89%

Brian Kozak has heard from law enforcement officers that they are frustrated because they cannot arrest criminals who have mutable warrants for property crimes due to the restriction the Laramie County Jail has placed on bookings, which has been in effect since March of 2020. Property criminals know they cannot be arrested and continue to commit crime. Citizens are beginning to feel a decline in safety.

Brian Kozak said that he understands the need to quarantine inmates who show symptoms of Covid or test positive, but it is unnecessary to quarantine everyone who enters the jail, even when they have a negative Covid test. This backlog has caused the Sheriff’s Office to restrict bookings to violent crimes only; it is the only jail in this region, which has taken this extreme precaution. Kozak said, “This unreasonable policy has caused Laramie County to become a sanctuary county for criminals”.

Kozak added, “I was frustrated with this policy when I was the Chief of Police; it is the reason we began to use Platte County jail, which is a much smaller facility.After retiring, I sat back to see if any of the candidates for sheriff would address this problem, and when they avoided the issue, I decided to run for Sheriff.I will make sure our jail stays open for law and order!”

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