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Why you should vote for Brian!

Brian has proven leadership that residents know and trust; the path is clear!


Brian Kozak has been a cop for 35 years; he fought narco and human trafficking gangs in Arizona and was recognized in Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming for taskforce coordination to pursue criminals. He is the longest serving Cheyenne police chief in history, building a professional agency with a state-of-the-art headquarters.  Brian Kozak is known for his commitment to place public safety before politics.  He has the proven grit to lead the sheriff's office into the 21st Century while protecting your Wyoming rights!  Vote Kozak for Sheriff.

Kozak with badge.png


Brian Kozak has a heart larger than his badge!  He volunteers in his community by serving on the boards of COMEA, Depot Museum, Hope Always WY (suicide prevention) and Brewers Festival.  He has helped to raise nearly $50k for local charities.  You know Brian for engaging the Police Department with community through Neighborhood Night Out, Citizens Police Academy, and Law Enforcement Diversion.  Brian has a passion to reform the jail by implementing drug treatment, inmate work release program and inmate community labor details.  Brian has a master’s degree in education, thus, a goal to engage our youth by launching a cadet program. Isn’t it time for a Sheriff who is rooted in the community and will place people before politics?  Vote Kozak for Sheriff. 

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Brian Kozak is the only sheriff candidate endorsed by the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce.  Brian has been involved with the Chamber since 2010.  He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a passion to help local businesses.  Brian wants to use inmate labor to wipeout graffiti and help nonprofit organizations.  He started Operation Change and wants to help the PD with this program to help those who are homeless while holding them accountable.  Isn’t it time we have a Sheriff who will place local business before politics?  Vote Kozak for Sheriff.

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